Hip Hop | Spirituality | Sisterhood 

An Experiential Self Help Guide, For Black girls Interested in Islam or already Muslim

Hosted by Boshia Raejean 

 I converted to Islam in 2015,  and listening to Hip Hop Music by various concious artist inspired me to continue my journey in knowledge of self. Hip Hop sparked and connected me to my spirituality which connected me to my deen(way of life) Islam. I thank Allah for allowing me to see beauty in all creation even if the Corporate Arab world want to paint Black Muslims as Haram. I started Young Black Muslimah while I was living in Australia. I didnt have any family in Sydney and I felt alone because of the huge time difference. I learned more about myself as a human ,and my deen is the power that kept me sane Alhumdoulilah (All Praise be To Allah). Let me tell you, from dealing with racist Arabs, White people casually using the word Nigger, I thought for sure I would have gone mad. I winded up making the best of my time and making the best of friends , which happen to be some dope af young black muslimahs. I was able to become apart of the Street University Hip Hop fam in Liverpool.  I bonded with my blackness in a whole new way. When I came home and I felt more grounded than ever before , shortly after I got divorced,and I turned to my Young Black Muslimah sisterhood to vent and build an open community. 

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